Traditional kefir probiotic dairy product with cured properties. It contains beneficial microorganisms minerals and essential amino acids. It has a gentle and refreshing yogurt flavour.
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Kefir light

It is produced in the same way as the KEFIR. But the milk is skimmed. We have thus a product with the same characteristics of kefir with almost no fat and much less calories.
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Goat Kefir

Traditional Kefir from fresh semi-skimmed goat milk. It combines the healing properties of kefir and advantages of goat milk. Ideal choice for everyone.
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Fermented baked milk. Dairy fermented product with a soft yogurt flavour and a distinct aroma. Produced from fresh milk. The unique production technology, gives it a special aroma and colour.
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Mature milk cream. Produced from fresh cream and cultivation of selected dairy. Ideal for sauces and as a basic material for various cooking recipes.
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Fresh soft cheese, rich in proteins is ideal for breakfast, desert in combination with fruits and traditional sweets. Ideal for use in the production of sweets such as cheese cake and more.
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