Kefir is perhaps the oldest fermented dairy product. It looks like yoghurt, but is far superior in nutritional and biological value.

Rich in proteins into digestible form, amino acids and minerals. The high biological value is recognized by doctors and therapists worldwide due to the crop in which it is being produced.

It should be consumed regularly by every person who wants to look and regenerate himself from within.

It is a refreshing enjoyable everyday health movement.

Its homeland are the Caucasus mountains in Russia, where people call it ΄΄Gift of God΄΄

Its homeland are the Caucasus mountains in Russia, where people call it “Gift of God”. According to tradition, God donated it to local residents. Explaining the manner in which they should use the fungus (kefir grain) and suggested to keep this secret as and look after it, otherwise it would lose its miraculous properties. This may be the reason that for years was known only in the Caucasus. But very soon Russians practitioners working in the area discovered that kefir had cured properties and used it to treat stomach, allergic and other diseases. Following the publication of a medical study, the owner of a dairy in Moscow decided to begin production of kefir on an industrial basis. So around 1908 he began to produce 500 pounds of Kefir a day. Today kefir is being produced in many countries. First position is held by Russia where there are being produced about twelve million tons of kefir each year, about 80% of annual production fermenting dairy products. In Cyprus on an industrial basis it has been produced since 1995 by the company Detelina Dairy LTD in Ypsonas.

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But what is this special dairy farming (kefir grain) in which it is being produced;

It is a beneficial symbiosis of five microorganisms which form a membrane. These microorganisms feed on the lactose in milk, they are multiplied in parallel converting milk kefir. Despite the many which studies have been made, it was not possible to produce the organisms in correct proportion to a lab jack. For this reason today kefir is being produced using this physical culture dairy (kefir grain). Kefir as in other words live yogurt containing beneficial microorganisms, but kefir has a much higher biological value and this is due to its unique culture which is produced. The microorganisms coexisting in kefir are capable of staying alive throughout the length of our digestive system thereby preventing the development of pathogenic microorganisms and parasites (pathogenic microorganisms such as salmonella and shihella cannot be developed if vaccinated with kefir).

It is rich in minerals calcium, magnesium and phosphorus containing vitamlines B12, B1, Biotin Vitamin K as well. During fermentation produced carbon dioxide which makes split casein (milk protein) much more soft and easily digestible.

The gentle acidity and characteristic mikroflora helps secretion of gastric juices and enzymes thereby improving the digestion of food. It increases diuresis increasing the elimination of harmful substances from the body. It is a perfect food for pregnant women because of its rich and balanced in nutrition, while the mikroflora helps the newborn to develop a robust immune system. It is the ideal solution for people with problems digests lactose. It is recommended for patients who are frequent users of antibiotic drugs, people living or working in busy environment (radioactivity, toxic wastes, noxious fumes). The biggest nutritional A and biological value appreciated doctors and therapists around the world. Today in many countries included in the diet of patients suffering with aids, cancer, allergic diseases, intestinal and stomach disorders. With kefir also everyone can arrange his skin much better and cheaper than cosmetic trade. The regular use of kefir helps in general to create a clean balanced internal ecosystem which gives us health and longevity. Kefir in the natural state is a perfect drink suitable for all times of day. But it can be used perfectly as a basic element in the preparation of various culinary recipes like soups, milk shakes, sauces for salads and dishes.

Kefir VS Yogurt

The bacteria of kefir can settle and colonize the small intestine.

Denatured protein Kefir is a much smaller size which is smooth, this results in what good assimilation. Tryptophan essential amino acid relaxing effect. Calcium magnesium Phosphorus minerals are important for the nervous system.

Kefir Grain:

Kefir grain has an irregular shape and uneven surface. Imagine some popcorn together. Its color is yellow and slightly elastic, membrane-like. It is the result of a very thin symbiotic formation of five different microorganisms groups.

1. Mesophilic homofermentative lactic acid streptococci

2. Lactobacilli

3. Mesophilic heterofermentative lactic acid streptococci

4. Yeasts

5. Acetic acid bacteria

These groups of microorganisms are found in the kefir grain in a quantitative and topographic harmony. New kefir grain can only be created as a branch of an existing since this will grow considerably. This physical culture causes milk a double parallel fermentation, lactic acid, and a second due to the doughs. Worldwide there are two milk products double fermentation, kefir and koumis (koumis produced and this natural farming for the production of mare’s milk is used. The final product is kefir below microbiological composition per ml.